About City Center Partnership

City Center PartnershipJoliet City Center Partnership, LLC (CCP) was developed in the late 1980’s in an effort to revitalize the downtown area and maintain existing structures that hold architectural and historical significance. CCP focuses on Downtown Joliet’s potential for economic and residential development- offering locations adaptable for many different business needs.

Joliet City Center Partnership, LLC strives to promote existing businesses while bringing the community together through family-friendly events that utilize our amazing location. It is in CCP’s highest interest that the downtown area remains a place that residents and tourists alike can come to enjoy themselves and create everlasting memories with friends, family and business partners!

Joliet City Center Partnership is a community-driven, comprehensive program designed to improve all aspects of the traditional downtown central business district.  Working through community partnerships, Joliet City Center Partnership is committed to encouraging economic development, strengthening public participation, fostering community pride, and promoting the unique assets of Downtown Joliet.


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